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Web Design UK – SEO Online Scam Exposed

We are a UK web design company that provides Internet marketing services for businesses of all sizes. Based in Lancashire we offer leading Internet marketing and web design from the heart of Lancashire. In this video we are going to expose an online scam unethical web design companies are using in the UK.



Roy Anderson says:

It is very true that there are a lot of supposed “companies” out there scamming people into spending money on SEO that turns out to be a waste of their money. As a website designer, I get email offers all the time from people claiming to boost my traffic. The truth is that I am just dealing with another thief. It is so easy to boost a website page rank for keywords that no one is looking for. Read reviews and make sure they are legit. ~ Jessica Bolin, Motion City Media

Keith Foster says:

I have no words for this great and awesome video on SEO marketing. Keep update us and thanks to u………..

It is very interested content and video.We do seo and Internet marketing.We also do work as outsource.

Jean Simmons says:

I just love to run in to these type experiences in today’s cynical and lost environment.

Frank Wells says:

hey nice to meet you - great video content

I love connecting with like-minded people. Add me!

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