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Part 1, Episode 5 – Landing Pages and Pay Per Click (PPC) – Edge of the Web Radio

This is the first part of a four part episode of Edge of the Web Radio. To learn more about Edge of the Web Radio, visit our website: This show we discuss Pay Per Click campaigns for Google AdWords. You will get an instant spike in traffic by running a PPC campaign. Try targeting cheaper long tail keywords to make your budget last longer. To download a podcast of this show, you can find it on iTunes or visit our website here This week’s notes: – Google Analytics – Setup your custom report dashboard – Pay Per Click – Create a Google AdWords account with a free coupon and run a test PPC campaign using landing pages – Conversion Rate Optimization – Have a single purpose and CTA for every page (Focus your pages on conversion) Edge of the Web Radio is brought to you by Site Strategics. Site Strategics is a web design and marketing services company that not only helps business owners look good on the Internet, but also uses proprietary methodologies such as Site @ttractor™— a search engine optimization method — to ensure you come to top positions on major search engines. Are you looking for an Indianapolis SEO professional firm? Site Strategics curtails its business to Indianapolis, Indiana — but also works nationwide. To learn more, visit our website:



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