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Facebook Fan Page Marketing Tips Before you engage in Facebook fan page marketing for your business, watch this video first. This is one of the most common and COSTLY mistakes I see newbies and intermediate marketers make on a regular basis. To your success! – Matthew Loop PS – You can view the blog post here: Facebook Fan Page Marketing Facebook Fan Page Facebook fan page marketing tips Facebook Marketing Fan Page Marketing marketing on Facebook Facebook advertising chiropractic marketing custom Facebook fan page Facebook landing page Facebook advertising advertising on Facebook Facebook Ads Facebook Sponsored Ads Facebook PPC Facebook pay per click Facebook hack



Denise Wood says:

This is great. Thank you! I’m looking for a way to stream my business’s status updates to our website. The only thing that I can seem to find is a badge that streams my personal status updates. Any hints?

That was a very good description of getting someone set up to build a mailing list on FB. I see many people still struggling with the basics I am sure an op-in and mailing list have not crossed their minds. I think that a professional service is the best way to go for many of the time consuming tools that are not part of our own business offerings…like graphics etc, Thanks for the good resources.

@Haylestrom Camtasia Studio. It’s the best screen capture software I’ve found ;)

Victor Young says:

Hey Mat: What program do you use to make your videos. It seems to work very well.

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