Men shoes from Italy Video shows you how Velasca leather shoes are made. The craftsmen are located in the small town, in the center of Italy, where famous Italian handmade shoes come from. Velasca [More]
what’s up George my name is YouTube it actually snowed a lot here yesterday as you may have seen on my snapchat but now it’s like 40 degrees so it’s melting super fast and I’m [More]
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in this video I’m going to show you how to polish and shine some leather shoes my name is how to Bob and these are the shoes that I’m going to shine as you can [More]
Hey! Matt here in the Detail Garage. We’re kind of in the middle of filming this Winter Prep video for your car. And I figured I’d take a second to tell you our products work [More]
Amazing handmade leather boots in making – The Best of India The traditional process of hand-made shoe making! Hand-made pure leather boots being made from scratch at the famous shoe-maker of Landour bazaar, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, [More]
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In this guide we are demonstrating how to take care of leather shoes on regular a regular basis. The shoes in this guide are a pair of chestnut coloured oxfords from Crockett & Jones. We [More]
hey guys is TMF from one’s own ego and today we’re going to talk about the versatility of a brown shoe we’ve been asked you know if a brown shoe can be used with different [More]
if you’re a lover of fine footwear when it comes to dressing your feet nothing beats leather because unlike synthetic materials leather lets your feet breathe and high-end leather shoes feature superior construction that makes [More]