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5 Small Business Online Marketing Tactics for 2012 | Netsertive Webinar SEO SEM PPC

In 2012, let Netsertive ( help you keep your New Year’s resolution to evaluate your promotional marketing and advertising activity, make a plan to fix what’s broken, and be open to five (5) new online marketing tactics and technology that are proving to be profitable for local businesses. Sign up for our continuing webinar series here With this in mind, here are the company’s top five (+ two bonus) marketing tips to generate market awareness and local sales, given by Tim McLain, Marketing Manager during a free educational webinar in January 2012: 1. Embrace social media. Set up Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ business profiles. This month. Then link to them from your website, your ads, your email. Use short URLs to help customers connect. 2. Communicate, socialize, and converse with your customers through your social media channels. Resist the urge to sell to them. Don’t outsource your content generation. Be authentic! 3. Set aside 30 minutes each week to take on the role of “thought leader” online. Your time investment will pay off in increased website traffic, increased visibility for your business and your its brands, and ultimately lead to more sales. 4. Follow through, be consistent with your online efforts, and watch the sales opportunities flow throughout the year. 5. Move more marketing budget into online tactics. That means you need a solid website, which gets its traffic from a custom online search (Google AdWords) and display (Digital



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